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"Throughout the project Cavalier is the archetypical Chief: the urban shaman meets stoner sophisticate, with a message that everything we do has meaning and context gives this meaning purpose. CHIEF chariots the listener through many portals of experience by way of ritual, sacrifice, prophecy and reflection.."

Track Listing
1. Dream Intro feat Stevy Mahy prod by Malik Abdul-Rahmaan
2. Watch and Learn prod by BMB SpaceKid
3. Jackson Pollock feat Suede Jury and PreacherMann prod by Suede Jury
4. Chiefs feat Quelle Chris prod by Quelle Chris
5. BitterTruth feat Raekwon prod by BMB SpaceKid
6. The Blind Seer (Max Roach interpolation)
7. East Coast Medina feat Iman Omari prod by Iman Omari
8. Trix prod by Ohbliv
9. How iLL feat Fresh Daily & Anthony Mills prod by Tall Black Guy
10. Solomon's Song feat Iman Omari, Bilal Salaam, J.Stylez, PreacherMann & Raye 6 prod by Black Spade
11. Return Of The Black Kings prod by Jinesis
12. Trail Of Tears prod by Malik Abdul-Rahmaan
13. Philosopher Stoned (Outro) feat Abdiel Ben Levi prod by Scud One
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released September 9, 2014

Executive produced by K. Cherry & The Brooklyn Good Guys
all songs written by K. Cherry except featured appearances
Tracks 1, 12 produced by Malik Abdul-Rahmaan
Tracks 2,5 produced by BMB SpaceKid
Track 3 produced by Suede Jury
Track 4 produced by Quelle Chris
Track 7 produced by Iman Omari
Track 8 produced by Ohbliv
Track 9 produced by Tall Black Guy
Track 10 produced by Black Spade
Track 11 produced by Jinesis
Track 13 produced by Scud One
parts of “Jackson Pollock”, “Solomon’s Song” and “Trix”
recorded by Matthew Shane for Converse Rubber Tracks
All other songs
Recorded and Mixed by Alejandro "Sosa" Tello Jr
at Ampliphonic Studios
Mastered by Alejandro "Sosa" Tello Jr
cover art by Joshua Mays
Sav Cav Music ASCAP 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Watch and Learn (prod by BMB SpaceKid)
Verse One

Ooh Daddy what's that smell, somehow familiar
like it rang a bell through your closed door, the Sensimilla
Now serendipitous hittin' the L,
cache my seashell ashtray has a wealth of memorabilia
I can create mythical tales, but why over embellish
when life can shit on you rain some sort of hell with no umbrellas
Pick from poisons they sell us
They rather recognize me for my pain, instead of saying
"Tell us your name chief"
I smoke that bomb diggidy, bomb bomb diggidy bang
problems fizzle away, bong ripple ghetto champagne
A toast to those who battle and brave the scattered cliches
It's cool to stand for nothing, we all outer space
I still communicate with OG by Muhammad's Mosque
He rocks with his toothbrush, rubber band tied round his sock
we share being aware and how to take the bare min
in a mere millisec could clear pinpoint project


Could say I don't give a shh but I'd be lying
We acting like it's fly, half of us is dying
We justify this world we live in where pockets hurt
But I got something to give em so watch and learn
Could say I don't give a shh but I'd be lying
I'm just trynna live yal just die trying
Could see why I don't give a mind nor my concern
But I got something to give em so watch and learn

Verse Two

They want your background experience with crack now
without how your hood became an outhouse for cash cows
and my main man's whole fam was on crack
"You can crash at my crib, we'll do your homework so you won't get left back"
They love the 'Ballad of the Sad Young Man'
the cine noir, the 'Rhythm of The Night' colored white, supplied by El Debarge
Prison barges with captives stare into the void
With no regrets I ain't take that package from Coolie Boy
They mad that I ain't ask but got consignment
With sad eyes they want to give me the watch, retirement
The sleek street's finish corrode
got some entities hanging round they neck that's not gold, that's his soul
A wise man hides in the wino that drinks Irish Rose
The dude abides, cue the sirens, kaleidoscope
colorblind to green envy not green pastures
I'll be overseas like an octave or masters

Hook until fade