MC Killa Single​/​B Side Caviat

by Cavalier

(free) 02:30




released March 9, 2009

Lyrics by Cavalier
Produced by Snafu
Recorded by J. Howells Werthman at General Tso’s Kitchen, Brooklyn, NY



all rights reserved
Track Name: MC Killa (Produced by Snafu)
MC Killa
lyrics by Cavalier

Verse One

Cav, emcee killa, beat widower, beef distiller
blades razor sharp cut paper or a hair
blazed though the shark skin makes him debonair, yeah
flexed arm with the erect cock feather
thats the top of the quill, not the dop of the dillz
catch up to the rocket, though you rockin and the wheels fall off
complete stop if you starting to feel
see hero start his day like Neo, no pills
but the oracles not Cleo, we go
through the field negro stereo type my font
more helio, radio fly
Believe if you build it they'll come to retrieve
my field of dreams sees water when you bleed, hooo
the green knight seems like he might not give a fuck that's flying
unless she's a braniac, cutthroat diamond
I'm made of carbon, not just iron
concrete titan, I am, call me Naya
programmed Gaia, fuse light wire, payoow

Verse Two

Cav emcee killa, peak hurdler, sensei filler
they yelled all hail, holding up cups of ale
He aint afraid to fail on his way to blaze a trail of haze
they say I'm losing it like tics on the cuckoo crazy
stick to you like fish and the Cou-Cou gravy
who smoother than Eucerin, you? hoodlum fugazi
mere human, humerous it is when you come to play
a muse, truly when you sweat me so profusely
pussy clot you oozing, Uzi shot to the roof
roofie dropped in your shot of Drambuie, oops
estupido, you versus me is sui-cide
my verses so Muay Thai, muy grande, multi-ply
Melchizedek, Milky way out of your league Ni**a
so do or die, you decide, Mu-ha-ha-ha hide if you can
The ginger bread man you can't catch
like static or the clap if you strapped right
so figure that...
Track Name: Caviat
Verse 1
I ain't scared of nobody here taking me on
If we ain't shaking hands we're breaking arms
Get to picking scabs, I'll brake you off if I'm P-O'd or ticked
can't hezi on life's skelly court, so I flick you now
In a thick, a nick will hold you down
Did it click? Switch to your face, that ain't the case, hit shift
I'm a bruiser-er, I cruise a welter, can't lose with the Jews I chew gefilte, mix booze with seltzer, I'm cool
with the future appellate, I can pull an oops
or get to blending in thin air, was there then I poofed
With the Swiss Leatherman tool and Con-edison Timbs
Still move with torque though, It's not unortho
It's black magic, Orko
Had the gift of gab since I was a package from the stork
It's historic
No his bat isn't corked, it's how I do with a mop handle
A broom and some pots and pans, when he's brewing his cot damn...

Verse 2
And he gully with the kully smoke, a bully when he pulling wool
In the school you can get the milli if you full of bull, really
play Billy The Kid and see how you and your boys is null and void, they nullify ya
change your tune, lullaby ya
When it comes to, giving it back its function I'm Tecumseh
No longer bringing it down, bringing it under
with sh*t I ain't even written down yet, this is hunger
That stomach the blunt before they roll up on ya
the coming
Cav Sapiens Superioris, I'm advanced, ahead of your camp
Your team, you man, the beat
Allow me to take a second and wait for it
You wonder why they got ate, they was cakes
they porridge for little bear
You Goldy Locks, phony rocks, I'm the total opposite
me and my whole roster is
Cav shoots caviar darts thats caveats,
hence the ambiance, since the warning shots, Laser...