The Breaking

by Cavalier

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"The Breaking is a deeply personal, disturbingly poetic album. There’s nothing half-done or left to the imagination. It listens as if a diary of an unknown emcee comes to light just in the nick of time. Other than Graduation, I haven’t heard such a sonically cohesive album in recent years..."
— Drew Ricketts, The Smoking Section

"It's beautiful poetry. And it's not the type of poetry that makes you "hush, hush", sit up straight, and not cough. It's the type of poetry that makes you wanna punch a cop in the face or travel to a foreign country and fall in love without the use of the English language."
— Blind Boy Grunt, That Ol' New York Rap

"From straight gutter tracks like “Straight Cheeze” to humorous imaginative turns with tracks like “Cecil Be Cool” Cavalier crosses the gamut of the dreamscape, and produces pure Hip-Hop; existentially probing, entertaining, and relevant. In a lot of ways he’s what Brooklyn needs right now"
— Sha-OS, Encore Status


released March 25, 2010

Produced by
Mercury, Shaka King aka "Mauby Bitters", & Cavalier
Executive Produced by Cavalier; SavCav Music 2008
All Songs recorded and mixed by Mercury
at The Dugout Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Portions of "The Big Picture" recorded by Marka
at 3rd Degree Studios, Woodbrook, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies
Bonus Outro arranged by DJ FredOnes of TME Studios
Mastering by Ken Heitmueller
Album cover concept by Aseer The Duke Of Tiers
Photos by Lyric R. Cabral
Graphics and Layout by Cavalier
SavCav Music
The Breaking



all rights reserved
Track Name: Dionne
Lyrics by Cavalier
Verse 1
Let me take you away to a place Where I keep these devils from outta my face Haters wanna shut me out, labels wanna cut me outeven on my paper sometimes, erasers rub me outbut its all a moment of zen, when I'm holdin my penflow from within, I roll it up, let go and beginCan't keep me holded in skin, holdin a nut,or holdin a hit with an Ozium whiff when I'm smokinHoldin my stiffy, she rollin her shitCecil said she holla back then tell her go get her friendMost people dont give a shit, they get that J-O, get that pay-O, cause hope don't pay the rentso Imma tree conservationist, please concentratewhile the weed circles on my street level observation deckYou know you burnin how deep conversation tends to keep ya and its hard just to meet obligations People sayin what I'm doin is wrong and I could say if you dont use it, it's gone But still Cav could make a beautiful songit's like the type that you could do for ya moms

Roll that shit up its the last stop on the smoke dem troubles away tour Just sit for a minute Listen I give
it like 6, 7 seconds after I break inside When it hits you thats when you'll get it So shine that light on the end oh Blow a kiss when you're finished It's the beginnin' to keepin them troubles away

Verse 2
I smoke signal my name in the sky I figure "hey they might remember me the day that I die" people wanna say he crazy but they shady I smile I keep it real we cant be buildin if you scrapin my sky my head in the clouds got heaven at eye level if ever I die, forever won't ever be mine, NEVER.... Done measured my endeavors severed the ties that bind efforts to find leverage 'member that time gettin high and our eyes met up? and nevermind, forget it, Imma let it ride precious Til every thought is an image, every frame an agenda Every line like a mission, every rhyme's got a gender And this one's Dionne (echo) Cut it open got me spillin my guts, not cause I'm blunted Just not givin' a f*ck, so go 'head roll that shit up "roll that shit up" But first make it a key session Even my queen weaving me a bigger dreamcatcher Me and the beat we held hands, the smell of Channel Chance mingled with the scent of the L passin' so...

Chorus til fade
Track Name: Ink
Lyrics by Cavalier
Verse One:
Funny the things that I begin to notice, seems I'm only focused when I'm smokin' with my notebook sittin' lotusI spent my last marbles on a marble bookthe marvelous novelist, I'd rather write than cookDespite a look from crooked-straights, one look at jakes see how quick it take for the book to hit my face and ricochet Twist of fate, while yal play kissy-face, I fisher pricespread a little chips on a dish, if the chicken's right Ink; realer than the shit that you thinkI'm in synch with all niggas on the verge of the brinkMy man lost his link in the sink, wet the sleeve of his mink 'cause some skeezer put "E" in his drinkbut I digress, my vibe just glide like Clyde DrexMy mind selects slides when I'm high and the rhyme flipsI was nine when Mikey got hit by the hydrant, hit and run driver, Lucky I wasn't sick with the nine yet; Cause I woulda bucked him for he hit him and stopped it. I prolly woulda even gotten off as a minorI pass the hat along and collect a catalogue of scattered thoughts that remain wet; from Ink...

Let it sink in X 8

Verse Two:
"What is real?" my pen asked me searching for food kept it cool, told him that "there is no spoon", we laughed truth dropped in a view to elude cops assume a lot presumin' I get zooted on rooftops It's to do or not, spit off a ledge and if it do drop you break a leg stupid so I'm movin' to choose top Still hungry, tell me the city's mine if I want it none or a hundred, you make the first jump or you front ni**a words that echo slow enter with repetitive blows my mental set be dull channel 7 gettin' snow I flex a temple stone as paper drifts into sand a feather left to blow, fresh from the magician's hand it's ink; realer than the shit that you think I hear the voices of my raps and I make em distinct My eyes on the iron warm trynna press out the kinks mess up and blink, chest is gone catchin' you flinchin' your guess is wrong if you draw without your weapon involved Bad move, son had "life" tatooed on his forearm How you explain it? when he buckin' at you see his vein twitch Maintain a tight grip, aim, and then he sprayed Ink...


Verse Three:
When the ink clears the ink tears spill from a rainbow Thug angels with crooked halos keep Brooklyn sacred We aint safe though, murderous dreams bury the screams Hurry, the steam valve's burnin' ya sleeve from turnin' the lever Freeze frame cinema graphic, spit it or rap (wrap) it The gift ribbon with my finger entrapped, outside of the box Moments the ink blots, a heart skips, a wrist-watch stops e-nig-mas, signature, Pause, Before my flow starts signing its name combinin' life's stained glass with designer rimmed frames The season finale for viewing that'll season your food Last sleep, he had a dream that he graffiti'd the moon And thats Ink, realer than the shit that you think He said my song was his favorite that he played in the Bing A long way to make it for a dove taped to its wing Told him "hold on", they mad that you resemble the Sphinx, brother.
Track Name: Struggle
Lyrics by Cavalier
Verse One:
There's plenty of dreams in the city, so count your lucky starsduck a charge, fuck a drama, pull ups on the monkey barsIn the A.M., prayers, amens, hard days begin playing oddsor playin ya part waitin.From the start, we live chasin anything that'll stopour hearts from achin, plus you either cake or you starvewe war wit Satan cause we gods, its eitherback-breakin labor, crack slingin, or rats caged in a boxWith no tools we move, "just do it", get through itIt's cold fusion, gun shots to soul musicFor us whateva we choose, there's no excusesno matter whats been provin, there's no solutionsI noticed dude, my father's age, moving for loose changewe shared food, contemplated a few thangsHe said he maxed out in Cayuga. Didn't ask whythought if I was goinna spaz out in the futurecause its a struggle

All we do struggle all day, day STRUGGLE STRUGGLE X3
all we do struggle all day, day...

Verse Two:
They marvel at what we build cause we're resiliant Same killers puttin dinner for their children Trynna cocoa leave-io our way up out the system Rap on a third grade level, but still brilliant We ill but we shining Riding it tough in the roughest, we're the diamond cut cant scuff off-the-cuffles, we be fighting Suspects in handcuffs, Caged bird with his feathers ruffled Still flying The curse and the blessing, the worst and unpleasant serve for you to measure your nerve to get tested There's plenty ways on this learning curve to get "F's" Street credit or school cred both collect debt Ni**a flex through it, the Hester brothers do it Staff Ace carries the weight where the wing's tatooed in Them the shoes only real men could cruise in Even when you're snoozing, you're paying your dues Check dude caught two in his arm for snoring On the Island's dormitorium, that was just the warning sign Peep the time our struggle is all day, so I hug it My struggle my cuz-o, it's all gravy, I love it Something from nothing, that be our way Try to crumble on our hustle, we embrace it; thorough Smoke drifts over my borough, it's set ablaze Took the shitty end of the sticks and fire's what we made In the Struggle


Verse Three:
All in all, what could I really say to a mother Who put her baby to rest cause of ways we was brought up And her daddy worked a grave shift to pave a way for her and now the cold world left my homegirl murdered These moments challenge your talk of trynna be a soldier I'm watching my highschool love cry, but we're grown-ups Just when you have it on coast to get closer We pull each other up and we get pulled over She tried to hold hands with her man through the struggle He got lost in the shuffle and it caused him to fumble But I can't judge, a man doesn't Can't doubt faith, won't aboutface when the hand's ugly For this to go down the night I first recorded this For me it proved a sign of this life, there's more to it If its from the heart, do I let it bleed? Or let it stop the beat? Tiesha, we hope to see you in a dream Didn't mean to put ya name in a song, It's just my way to keep your memory strong It's like the struggle follow us wherever we're going Let it be known, heaven is home it's the evidence we're chosen, in the struggle... Keep going...