New Aeon

by Cavalier

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"New Aeon" is inspired by Cavalier's recent tours to Asia, experiencing the contrast of a futuristic Tokyo and a "3rd world" India while the world anticipated the present future 2012 will reveal. Produced by India native, Spills and guest production by Jay Stylez the result is a lyrical foray paired with hard punching danceable rhythms.

Check the video for the A-Side, "Activated", presented by Rocksmith and shot entirely on location in Kolkata, India.

And the video for the follow up, "Get Use To It" recorded and shot in Tokyo.

"Get Use To It (Remix)" employs the talents of NYC based producer, J.Stylez and recruits Hip-Hop stalwarts Mickey Factz and Homeboy Sandman.

Artwork by Marthalicia Martarrita


released June 29, 2012

lyrics Cavalier
*Get UseTo It (Remix) contains lyrics by Mickey Factz and Homeboy Sandman
Tracks 1 & 2 Produced by Spills
Track 3 Produced by Jay Stylez
Cavalier for "Get Used To It" Recorded by Del Monte
Zip Block, Tokyo, JP
Mixed and mastered by, Homeschool Studios, USA
Sav Cav Music ASCAP
Mickey Factz for "Get Used To It (Remix)" recorded by by Keith Sengbusch
SONY Studios, New York, NY
"Activated" & "Get Use To It (Remix)"
Recorded and Mixed by Alejandro "Sosa" Tello Jr
at Ampliphonic Studios
Mastered by Alejandro "Sosa" Tello Jr
Sav Cav Music ASCAP 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Activated
Cavalier - Activated

Verse 1
Getting right on an overnight flight
To keep it trite I was high rolling
Sky scraping, eyes open how to make it wide open,
Mind blowing, how I smoke em out
They never hit one like this, bonfires
On ya front lawn it's a riot, mere contact might give em bronchitis
Still stand tall across many Long Islands,
Talk like he made of cloth covered diamonds
soft to the touch, but there's no cutting by him
All in the bag, various mixtures
tossed in a glass, can't exhaust my craft never get jet lagged
Take aerial pictures, chart telegraphed
He's a sharp shooter, dart through the dark telepathed
It's not an act he's

Activated yeah I'm activated
Activated yeah we activated

Verse 2
All withstanding can't deny the falling sky the crash landing
My forces guide me not to touch what they falsify no trash handling
In these airwaves I get tubular, sun duke could hold weight on Jupiter
Since a teeny bopper was groomed to massage the groove
and move all Kundalini chakras, New Aeon
World wide celly cell, got dura cells I'm the 20-12 Melle Mel
Imma rock bells while they stocks fail
I'm in the cockpit they on the cocktails

Activated yeah I'm activated
Activated yeah we activated
We out here X 8

Verse 3
When I break it down it forever remains broke
Sever this chain, choke the game they uphold to entertain you
This our era, fated to be ours level out the play from how they do us in plain view
Straight 180 we take out they eye beam
My radio frequency, no ID
My audio jailbreaks corrupt cranials
That's why it bumps, buck buck buck arpeggio
Contagion, Cav's radiance surpasses stadiums my blast radius
New Aeon immaculate, you evacuate or get acclimated cause I'm

Activated yeah I'm activated
Activated yeah we activated
We out here X 8

lyrics by Cavalier
Track Name: Get Use To It
Get Use To It - Cavalier

Verse 1
I'm in the know, yea yea you know this
pocket full of dro, bottle fill of focus
They be on patrol, I'm the opposite of protest
Yal should go and take notes, I don't gotta give notice
With this approach many have tried to broach, and almost
but of those kinds you can vote mine the closest
It's not a game for foes, other than dames
I only trouble to huddle with a chosen few associates
Click. The next level and a higher degree
Slick's the best texture for applying my G
Compliance not required if you like what you see
My supply is unlimited provided the fee
Fe Fi Fo can't tell what 5-O could intend
for me being ten times ten fold
Imma get mine like its owed and sing an ode to the streets
cause when it's played on the road it can control the beast like


It's the truth so you've gotta get used to it
You can front, but there's nothing you can do to it
You make room or you gotta make use for it
Or get use to it, get use to it

Verse 2
If I take them to school Imma break all the rules
"My chain heavy like" it weigh what it do
her "head game's" like the brain's got a tumor
catch me in a Range color of caucasian stomach ache or the flu
Stop faking like you ain't visible, yes I can see you
Without X-raying the room,
See since it's the real they lack, literally cats is facsimiles
Fake it till they make it, form is formulaic
portray it like it's easy to do, that's the reason you lose, mere mechanics
that and taking audiences for granted like they're easy to fool,
easily I pull wool from off of they face, revealing the nude
naked bare facts, with no flights I Air-Max and hold tight to not cosign if they're wack
It's not hate, if they can't relate then it's their bad
cause they don't save face when they blow like airbags.

I'm in the know, I'm in the know, I'm in the know, yup yup you know this

Verse 3
I'm an icon-oclast, rip a track but stick it to the man
sycophants while twisting sticky grams that'll get you Icarus
with a whiskey flask and a pissy attitude
and a scribble pad, I cripple, Cav's a bruiser, leave them black and blue
when I rap, I spit and I hock a loog
since the system's a racket figure jack them for all the loot
since the prisons are packed I figure Imma have to do
my biggest jams in Attica with Afrika Bam BOOM!
You Mantan, I'm Gorilla Monsoon
Big kahuna, I rap, you just National Lampoon
If it's mass appeal you lack, then the massacre ensues
so it got them acting cute, acting a fool, or acting "ewww"
You broken handed with heavy wrists
I'm heavy handed composing hits, you just blow, I'm trynna blow this bitch.
And by "bitch" I mean place, not person or thing.
So miss, no need to hide the purse or the ring


It's the truth so you've gotta get use to it
You can front, but there's nothing you can do to it
You make room or you gotta make use for it
Or get use to it, get use to it