The Offering / 供え

by Cavalier

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"the offering"

we're a constellation of wounds
consider these words flesh
meditating on the tears of
a cherry blossom tree,
a prayer for the earth deranged
wind unchanged by the weather
of leaves. here's a heart flung
across the world. a people
at sea. we offer our gifts
in the spirit of a dream.
I watched the hand of God
flood your land.
Let us be His feet.
We stand with you
pronounced in solidarity
reach out and rise.
- aja monet

On Friday, March 11th (JST) of 2011, Japan experienced the impact of a devastating earthquake, one of the largest ever recorded.
This era of real-time news and instant civic journalism invited us to watch and respond to tragedy, courage, heartache and hope. Sympathy sprouted from all corners of the globe, mainly through relief efforts, support, and a brewing collective silence. One natural disaster and its eerie familiarity was neither the beginning, nor the end.
The Offering/供え (pronounced sonae) is a "visual soundtrack"; a collaborative art project spearheaded by Hip-Hop recording artist Cavalier and Producer Scott Thorough totaling contributions from 1 Emcee, 1 Poet, 1 Producer and 8 visual artists. 
Cavalier recently toured Tokyo and felt personally affected as newly formed friendships and partnerships gave him closer connection to the aftermath. 

"Scott had sent me music shortly after I received some tough correspondence via email from Japan on the state of things.  He said he realized "that all the stuff I(he) was sampling or being influenced from was about restoring a sense of faith. So I(he) basically made a G-D beat tape this week."
"I felt moved to create and to create with others, something that was a sincere gesture to show our brothers and sisters in Japan that they are in our hearts and minds.  Sometimes we feel that because we do not have large sums of money that we are not able to make an impact.  I have my creative gifts, and I can share that."
Cavalier issued a call to various artistic communities to imbue this work with several unique voices, until The Offering/供え slowly transformed into a multi-media art project.  The intro poem by Aja Monet along with paintings by Nelson Cabán, Geobany "Elbowz" Rodriguez, James Sheilds, Aaron "SpazeCrafte" Lazanski, Jocelyn Goode, Andy "Solo" Estevez, Marthalica and even a painting contributed by its producer Scott, were documented by OrderVision Produxtion's Alex Seel and Mu Gadu, fused with surreal performance footage of the actual songs; a 12 minute, fine art, musical score. With its raw "Beat Tape" sound and its daring lyricism, The Offering/供え also nods with Punk sensibilities à la The Ramones with each song spinning around 2 minutes.


released October 11, 2011

lyrics Cavalier
Produced by Scott Thorough
Recorded & Mixed by Evan Richardson
Rich Sonz Studios, Strong Island, NY
Mastering by Jonathan Jetter for Right Angle Recording
Modern Shark Records 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Break Bread / 共有

Powerful voices in unison, toppled the walls of Jericho
So it's no question that I'll forever flow
episodes I simulcast via telescope, behind your frontal lobe
the Black general slash golden feather Seminole
could romance the pants from a Jenny Lo to a Blanche Devereaux
but its more in my plans to enhance the fellowship
set sail Magellan so, I'll go global before most of yal sell a note, or get a hit
Delicate this era we're war torn, amongst evil
they teach us to forget that we're war torn, God's people, not egos
My heroes are those who take a stand even when it means
putting yourself down, the last fifty in the plant with nuclear meltdown
we're hell bound if we cant sip from the same well
if we're split from the same cells
It's simple and plain but paramount,
message is you're not in my kingdom if its just
yourself that you care about
so break bread
Track Name: Ask Why / 自問
ASK WHY / 自問

"Why not?" I'm tempted to ask "why God?"
I'm just trying to make my mark, but you test me on my job.  Sometimes I question
"Why not?" I'm tempted to ask "why God?"
I'm just trying to make my mark, but you test me on my job.  Sometimes I question

I walk through the valley of the kings in the shadows I see death right there lurking.
And mama did her best to prepare for these things but she couldn't guess the ways this life might hurt me.
'Cause I'm not perfect, this ride's a circus
I'm just a working work in progress
I know what I'm worth and I know I deserve, sometimes you get burned just for being honest.
But I keep climbing, keep your eyes to the sky there's a prize even when you know the sun's not shining.
Some tips for rising, you only take flight if you hit the path right and leave them weights behind ya.
But we get sidetracked and we get blinded, sometimes we fall first cause we need reminders. 
There's no rewinding, the Great Work don't get recognized until we go and realize it...
Or ask" why not?", I'm tempted to ask "why God"
Track Name: The Rock / 堅固

Your rock, yeah I'll be that. Not that street crack, 'cause we don't need that I'm from the breed that, turn bad dreams back. We earn our keep fast, and we don't relapse, so f**k your feedback...

Mini portraits of pain I keep wallet sized, my mind's domicile arranged like a Holbein style painting
Investigate that while I blow smoke rings til they glide faintly

I've been wondering if we're under siege. 

The government is a coven of underlings

Thunder pains and hunger pangs, some brothers slain from what other brothers sling we covet things.

But if you judge throw rubber stones or run away

We're all the sons of Cain so tell me what's underway
We're quick to punish but not quick to submit humbly

So to the urban jungle we crumble like funnel cake, from out the gate

My stomach aches from jagged pills and funny rays and I've come to see in other ways from double takes.
When they up the stakes, the money snakes begun the chase. 
They on the hunt, I'll up the pace and hold it safe, That's how I rock
Yeah I'll take them, set foundation

Some about face, but I'll embrace them

There's no real escape from what we're facing

so turn and face me, the rock
Track Name: Re:Birth / 再生/生へ
RE:BIRTH / 再生/生へ

A breeze catches a butterfly wing flap, / though subtle it triggers action across half the Atlantic
Leaves flatten from dancing Dogon, sing and the clap / the vocal creates reaction from cheetahs in a savannah
Beetles begin to gather, a troubling wind, crack of the thunder / a home run swing batted, swung like he seen Saturn
Someone's a daddy same moment they send The Bradleys / napalm on the state rally, our Lady of Fatima
seen off of the Lake Placid Pastor is saying grace / ashes thrown on a casket, cascaded on a face a tear. 
Too much for the readers to digest / We can't perceive it in time we don't even know which trimester Earth's in.
It's a hearse window, closed curtain / Find a safe place or the narration be first person
Visions I keep writing, insight from the psilocybin / If we stop spinning we'll have sinister all nighters

Another quake breaks the plate by the equator / Who's the night nurse when the Earth goes into labor?
Hemorrhages off the Cape of Good Hope and the coast of Grenada / The oceans can't breathe, volcano defibrillators
Some seek the sages, others go comb the Vedas / probes created to roam the unknown with incubators
These be the days of great changes and movement / If adaptation is no longer the rule there's evolution
I'll hold it down and break night / Word is bond the babies will take flight
Track Name: Work It Out / やってのけるぞ
WORK IT OUT / やってのけるぞ

One day we gon' work it out

One day we gon' work it out

We can start today, and turn it all around

Write a new page and we gon' put it down
We'll be the victor or victim, make your pick

We'll make history, or misstep our great intent

Our systems, we can replace them brick by brick

Erase hatred and we'll make the great ascend

It seems basic, our instinct it knows the smell

We're imprinted, our make up is coded well

In one rhythm we can compose an opus

Potently infused with limitless hope and focus

the magnificence of both an open mind and notion

that all forms of life are synergized

All branches, all strands, intertwined

make the rope that upholds us all in heavy times

We find traces of the base elements of love

In the places where the most heinous has occurred

Motivate the herd, all it take’s a word

We gon' wake them up, run tell if you ain't heard
Work it out, we gon' work it Work it out
Turn my music loud, and we gon' work it out

and we gon' motivate so we can work it out

That's all it's gonna take for we to work it out
'Cause one day we gon' work it out

One day we gon' work it out

We can start today, and turn it all around

Write a new page and we gon' put it down
Track Name: Holy Are You / 聖なるはあなた
HOLY ARE YOU / 聖なるはあなた

Holy are you
Holy are you
There is no God but you

(No Doubt)
Holy are you

(Within and out)
Holy are you

(Within and out)
There is no God but you

(Here abouts)

The most thanked on the liner notes
The most indescribable awe inspired of thoughts by far
All our art = Attempts to Recreate Time
The feeblest of minds, even a primate
could finger paint the mosaic divine
sometimes we'd rather complain, lay with devils of the mind
and then we go point blame
I keep it sacred when I break the book out and break the Kush up. 
A thousand amens after every push up, that's how I wake up
and set it off every morn's a renaissance, the best self portraits are reflective thoughts
I hear applause in my lungs, flutters by my heart
I'm a vessel my body's the temple for atoms(Adams) to charge
Its no mirage if the visage or the facade of God,
sits upon you when you take a glimpse into a pond
Made in their image, we're related to beings by lineage
from Sirius B and not simians, If that really then...

Holy are you
(within and out)
Holy are you
(within and out)
There is no God but you

(without a doubt)
Holy are you

(Within and out)
Holy are you

(Within and out)
There is no God but you

(Without a doubt)
Track Name: Too True Shots / エースをねらえ
TOO TRUE SHOTS / エースをねらえ

Too many shots its like
too many shots its like head blow, chest blow, too many shots its so true
Too many shots its so true
too many shots its like death toll, let go too many shots its so true, one two...

Like clockwork they got the block circled

the Lah burning got me nocturnal

paranormal corn flakes got crop circles

A watch tower to observe you, the cops search you

Tell me how this could not concern you

You didn't get the lessons Pac learned you?

Their top circuits will not serve you, but follow

My head nodder the CD's a slipped disc

The Best Buy pick for the cheap or PC Rich and so


But too many shots, they'll have to let go,

It slips in too many knots

They're only highlanders on innocent bystanders

I sit by, they light cancers, I don't mind, my wine Lancers

For eye candy they get eye jammies 
I am more familiar with farewells 
And goodbye panties

Too spooky by the door I sit

I pass by them by flash drive, upload my bits

Not in cahoots with the bullshit they pop

I'd rather rep those defenseless and truly starving

And let go, two
Too many shots

I'll etch headstones and get rolling those new options

Let's go
Track Name: Times Of Joy / 喜びの回

All the toils from dedication will bring joy
and celebrated days to come.

'Cause we've already made it, not make shift

reality directs, happiness is not a destination

If I've been impatient, my supplication asks

For forgiveness to all my lateness

I've radiated all the love I can
with no return or income statement

And I've seen angels at bay waiting,
for the rsvp on my invitation

If foolishly I've been truant on my own jubilee

I've set my blessing back a few paces

But indubitably the Eucharist feast has room for

all of our seating arrangements

grapes of wrath we turned to cabernet sauvignon 

At the banquet bash we said our lasts to Babylon

Raised our glasses, a cabaret
a sound of the coronets of the cavalcade,
this is the promise of the latter days and times